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Mulch, Soil, and Aggregates Delivery in Orillia and Simcoe County

Landscaping Material Delivery

High quality landscape materials and aggregates delivered to Orillia, Simcoe County, and surrounding areas.

High Quality Landscape Materials Available for Delivery

Please Note

• More than 1 type of Landscape Material must be delivered
individually as multiple types cannot be mixed.

• Delivery charges will apply per load.

Delivery rates apply to:

• Mulch is MAX 20 cubic yards per load

• Triple Mix Soil is MAX 18 cubic yards per load

• Topsoil is MAX 16 cubic yards per load

• Aggregates are MAX 14 cubic yards per load

Available Landscaping Materials

Screened Top Soil

Triple Mix Soil

Hardwood Blend Brown Mulch

Enhanced Black Mulch

"A" Gravel

River Rock 1-3"

River Rock 3-4"

Concrete Sand

3/4" Clear Stone

Sand Fill

3/4" Limestone Crusher Run

High Quality Materials

Landscape Materials Available for Delivery

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