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Our Process

From start to finish, our process is robust, professional, and streamlined

What to Expect

Our journey began more than 30 years ago when Michael Scott, a passionate horticulturist with a vision for transforming outdoor spaces, founded our company. Since then, we’ve been dedicated to the artistry of landscaping, consistently delivering award-winning landscapes that leave a lasting impact.

Crafting these exquisite landscapes is a blend of creativity and precision that permeates every step of our process. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we approach each project with an unwavering commitment to detail and an eye for beauty. Our mission extends beyond the completion of a project; it encompasses ensuring an extraordinary experience for our clients, from the very first conversation to long after we’ve left your property. We believe in guiding our clients through every aspect of their landscaping journey, ensuring that it is nothing short of exceptional.

Our Process

  • Initial Inquiry & Evaluation

    Your vision sets the stage for our tailored approach, beginning with an in-depth evaluation to understand your aspirations and the unique potential of your outdoor space.

  • Site Visit & Meeting

    During our on-site consultation, we engage with your space's distinct features, laying the groundwork for a design that's as functional as it is beautiful.

  • Design Phase

    Creativity meets technical prowess as we craft a personalized design plan, complete with 3D renderings and detailed schematics that bring your envisioned outdoor space to life.

Site survey & base plan

We visit your property to gather detailed measurements, grades, house elevations and take some photographs. A scaled base plan is prepared to show the complete site information accurately.

Property Research

Our team researches the project site to gather information regarding by-laws, zoning, lot coverage, offsets, conservation etc. The findings determine what can be done on your property and assist with the design discussions.

Wish List Meeting

You will be invited into our design studio to meet with your design team to discuss your ideas and develop a wish list that works with your property. They will also guide you through the price ranges of individual elements to ensure the potential construction budget is understood.

2D Concept Presentation

The design team presents a 2D concept plan along with an itemized estimated build cost. We want to hear your thoughts about the concepts and any changes you may have. construction budget is understood.

Scope of Work & Final Estimate

When you are ready to approve the design, we will prepare an itemized final construction estimate with detailed scope of work.

  • Contract & Deposit

    Formalizing our partnership, we set the foundation for a successful project with a clear contract and secure the commitment with a deposit.

  • Permit Process & Working Drawings

    We navigate the technicalities of permits and final drawings, ensuring all is in order for construction to commence without delay.

  • Introduction & Orientation Meeting

    Meet the team who will bring your landscape to life, where we align on project goals, timelines, and communication protocols.

  • Construction Begins

    The excitement builds as construction starts, with every development marking a step closer to your dream outdoor space.

  • Construction Ends

    Celebrate the culmination of design and hard work as we complete the construction and unveil your new outdoor sanctuary.

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