Mulch has got to be one of the easiest methods to cut back on garden maintenance.
The benefits more than justify the small investment.


  1. Adds beauty to the garden making your garden look more homogenous like a background color in a painting
  2.  Retains moisture during the hot season reducing any necessary watering
  3. Adds nutrients to your garden
  4. Cuts way back on the amount of weeding required. Suffocates existing weeds and helps prevent new weed seeds from germinating.
  5. Helps plants overwinter by adding extra insulation to their root systems. Much less chance of being effected by the Spring Freeze and Thaw Cycle which can damage root systems of your less hardy plants

The best time to mulch is late fall or early spring when your perennials have died back making it much easier to see the bare areas in your garden.   Mulch over all perennials but try not to mulch right up to the stems of shrubs or trunks of trees.  We have mulch available in bulk, saving you money and less plastic in the landfill.

– Mike