Today we’ll help you create rewarding natural beauty and enhance the value of your property.  Creative landscape design, focuses on the transitioning of your architecture to the surrounding natural landscape.  Plant material has a vital role in this “blending” process.

As cutting edge landscape designers, we are often disappointed when we review and consult on a beautiful home or attractive business, where architectural detail is clearly evident, but no thought has been given to landscaping and there is not a single planting element, other than sod, surrounding it.

Talented landscape architects/designers are recognized for their ability to make it seem as though a home or business has popped out of the ground, with perimeter materials viewed as though the marriage of the two had been growing together for years and years.  Plant material is visually stimulating and helps to soften the views of a home, such as blocking the view of an A/C unit, moderating a corner, or by creating mystery, as one journeys around the building, transitioning from one area to another. Quite simply, the right choice of plant can make a very tall, narrow and abrupt wall appear to be shorter and wider, fitting with the scale and natural landscape surrounding. There are many examples of how plant material can impact the architecture of a home, each specific to the given situation.

Three pictures of work we designed and created are included in this article. There are many options to create harmony and a visually interesting, attractive landscape.  Some projects are more involved, some less, depending on the range of budget and your interest as a hobbyist.

There will always be debate and both pros and cons toward the maintenance of gardens, shrubs, and plant material as they precisely contour the lawns or walkways of a property.  The reality is that one can never undervalue the role that the right plants in the right places can have on the outside and inside views of a home.  Regardless of the beholder, how can beauty ever be undervalued?  We also heartily recommend a little outside exercise, along with the personal satisfaction derived from the wonderful results of gardening as a hobby.  Happily, we predict that you’ll enjoy all the compliments you’ll receive from the efforts made around your slice of heaven.

Take a second or third look around your home or business, and ask yourself where a plant or series of landscaping elements would benefit and impact your overall visual perspective.

If you have questions at all or would like our advice, be sure to contact us. We’re here to help and ensure you’ll love the results.

~ Tom Sheardown,  Designer

Michael Scott Landscaping & Design