Ross Residence

Situated in an affluent subdivision in a rural area just outside of Barrie, the home is located on a gently sloping lot. The septic system is located in the front lawn area, providing an obstacle for landscape design.

We were able to acquire large Balsam Firs to anchor the end of the house and help to bring the scale down of the building.

There were some large existing fieldstones on the property that we were able to incorporate into the design – softening them with plantings of ornamental grasses and perennials.

The large paved driveway was banded with interlocking stone matched to those used in the front walkway area. This provides several benefits in that it helps to reduce the appearance of the driveway and also helps to tie the driveway into the landscape.

Another concern of the client was privacy in the back yard area. We were able to utilize the removed soil from the gardens to install a bermed area with white pines to provide privacy from the neighbouring property.